About Us

At CIG LLC, we believe in the power of multi-family developments to create healthy diversification for investors — providing consistent cash flow through all market cycles and long-term gains. This is an industry that historically has proven to be profitable time after time, and has the fundamentals and market demand to continue doing so.

To offer investors profitable ownership opportunities, CIG is narrowly focused on specific geographic regions that are emerging economic areas for job and population growth. We seek primarily class B & C properties that meet the needs of the middle class. To find the right properties, finance, manage and market efficiently, we rely on established relationships with leading professionals in our market areas. These carefully created teams of professionals allow CIG LLC to minimize overhead while tapping into innovative, hard working experts in our markets.

At CIG, you will find we are passionate in what we do — creating opportunities for investors to prosper and quality housing for working class families and individuals. We are committed to working hard and investing the time and effort required to make good, and preferably great, investments.